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Reclining Bird and Sleeping Bird (2000)

One of the most gratifying things about working with the hands is seeing/touching the finished piece. A labor of love and sometimes excruciating pain, but ever the optimist, I go on and on... A person I know quite well noted that I see the glass half-filled. Yes, that is my trait.

Why do I love birds? Well, I did have a Canary who travelled from Madrid, Spain to Warsaw, Poland and to New York via Paris, France, at the height of the bird flu in 2006. He was quarantined in the US for a month but lived happily until 2012. (14 years!)

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"What all this means is that each item in Diolun’s collections have their own lines, curves, nuances and the like, which make each individual piece totally and truly unique. It is not like precision/laser copying done with a machine that might take a flower and go through its contours and reproduce it exactly the same. My sister sculpts by hand, not by precision machinery." ~ Barbara Dillon Hillas

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A Jewelry Journey...

Cynthia Dillon began her career in the jewelry industry working alongside Elsa Peretti, Tiffany & Co.’s foremost designer.

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Nature Captured in Small Treasures

My Tour de Life....

Off to take a walk... and who knows what I will find?

My walks have taken me from New York to Buenos Aires, (Punta del Este, Uruguay, too.. .) and Rio de Janeiro's airport ( did see the magical Andes from the plane's window on the way to the US) to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, ( cannot forget life in Japan during my early teens... to visiting many times later as an adult), to New York, from Manhattan to every Town and Village in the State (practically) to Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Aranjuez, Lisbon, Cascais, Nazareth - doing many u-turns to London, visiting Parliament, standing on the great hall where Henry VIII played badmington and Sir Thomas More was tried... , then to Paris, and now, if you happen to stand under the Arc de Triomphe, there is another Dillon, ... whose name is inscribed in the Northern Pillar, Avenue de la Grande Armee..., Versailles, (Dillon, again), Fontainbleau, Normandy, (Omaha Beach), Lourdes!!!, Luxembourg, Berlin, Munich, Bratislava, Vienna, Hong Kong, Kowloon too and a peak at the then New Territories (mainland China) Tokyo again, Rome and Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Mantova, Verona (of Romeo and Juliet fame) Bologna, Trieste, Sienna, Genoa, Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid, again and again, Marbella...!, Bilbao, Santander, Seychelles, Barbados, Bahamas, Santo Domingo, Mexico, DF and Puerto Vallarta, Canada, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto; (birdseye view of Niagara Falls...from the plane) Taiwan and last but not least, Erbil, Kurdistan.

Now for those long walks through several places in the USA... from the long waits at the Airport in Anchorage, Alaska, en route to the Far East, to Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles (Disneyland and Marineland, for sure. It's a small world after all!) New Mexico,(Taos) Arizona, (Lake Powell, Scottsdale) Utah, (Salt Lake City and all the wonderful National Parks, Bryce and Canyonlands?) Dallas and Houston, Texas; dearest Florida with hurricanes and all, Georgia, went through Dillon, South Carolina, and Charleston too!, North Carolina, Virginia (North, Middle and South) West Virginia; learned to water ski ( on one ski!) somewhere in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, and visited Kentucky too. Ah! New Jersey (cannot forget the canoe trip down the Delaware Gap...pouring rain, with no sight of any other canoes for 2 days! and Pennsylvania... Oh, and I almost forgot about Green Bay, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nebraska, St . Paul, Minnesota. and Sun Valley, Idaho... Did I mention Colorado, went through Dillon (town) more than once.... that is where I learned to become a pretty good skier (well, tried my best again in Sakopane, where Pope John Paul II used to ski) and near Salzburg, (of the Sound of Music fame and many, many others too! and at a resort where I received 3rd prize for yodeling!) Austria... I am exhausted just thinking of all those walks in Prague and Warsaw, Gdansk and Krakow... If I think of any other place... will come back to this! oops!! Hawaii!!! and Kansas City. Missouri..., and Massachussetts, New Hampshire, Vermont (went to College there for a year!) and Maine... after all we have offices in Penobscot! Now how could I forget? ...But I did forget where I spent about 8 years... and probably the most beautiful city in the world, Washington, DC...with those imposing monuments. I lived then in Foggy Bottom, a block from Kennedy Center and would take many a long walk by the Potomac ...all the way to the Lincoln Memorial....

And on the left.... is a summary (in photos) of some of my work over the years. I keep a record of every piece and where I was at the time I concocted my "creation." To be continued...