About Us

About Cynthia Dillon (Designer) and Barbara Dillon Hillas... (President and CEO)
Diolun Designs is your source for unique sculpted jewelry and accessories.
"Cynthia uniquely transforms an idea into a sculpture, combining her rich multi-cultural experience with exquisite craftsmanship.
She worked together with some of the world's most skillful artisans to produce an objet d'art that reflects her keen vision of beauty and form. Cynthia is involved in every facet of the creation of her composition, from its original concept to its final execution.
Cynthia was born in New York, and spent her childhood in Buenos Aires and Tokyo and worked for years with international maestros in New York, Madrid, Florence, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Kyoto..."
Cynthia Dillon, together with her sister, Barbara Dillon Hillas, a renowned lawyer in her field (Rule of Law,) and who also has lived and worked extensively overseas, (Mexico, the "Soviet Union," Italy, South Africa, Czech Republic and Poland) bring to you, the consumer, unique jewelry sculptures and accessories.
For business inquiries, contact  Barbara  at [email protected]
For design inquiries, contact Cynthia at [email protected]